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Who We Are!

Whether we managed, built or constructed the building ourselves or we just helped with the management of the construction. Projects like this is where we get our experience to help you with your project.

BEERC - Vancouver, Wa.


OCD Employees & Philosophy

Who We Are, Where We Come From & What Makes Us Tick!

OCD is a Veteran Owned company made up of young, energetic and unique individuals with over 25 years’ experience between us. We do not claim to know everything about the wonderful construction industry, in fact we take pride in ourselves how we are continuously learning this ever-changing industry. Because of our years of experience and the philosophies we standby, have given us the uncanny ability to solve issues, force permits and interpret and influence code so it works in our clients/stakeholders favor.

OCD wants everyone of our clients to feel like they're apart of the OCD family and to be comfortable enough to reach out to us at any time. Whether it’s over the phone or through email for any reason. Whether its regarding an existing project or a technical question that isn't associated with a project at all, or even to just shoot the breeze and all without an appointment we're ready to listen!

At OCD, one of our philosophies we use for motivation is:

“How can we help our clients teach us?"

We believe that as long as we are constantly listening to all clients comments, whether they are good or bad and to never take advantage of our clients or take them for granted we will succeed in life and business. Because without clients OCD would not exist. 

Other than our clients and the happiness we can bring to them, we dedicate ourselves to jobsite safety. Not only for our employees, associates and contractor's but also for our clients.

Each one of our employees from the Management to a Laborer is fully versed in CPR and OSHA safety standards and protocols.

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About Us : Veteran Owned

Our unique team of individuals have dedicated their lives to learning many different trades within the construction industry and will use that knowledge to help you bring your project to life.

We value Quality, Service and Our Clients Happiness Above Anything Else.



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